Media & Learning in Brussels

Ingrid Bruynse will be presenting the project and other teacher innovations in South Africa at the Media & Learning conference in Brussels.

In Europe, there is much cross-border work, including all European members into an inclusive community where innovations in media and learning can be trialed, shared and discussed. Media&Learning is an annual conference, where individuals and communities can meet and share knowledge.

The irony is that in an increasingly global world, connected my media, there is a persistent and potentially widening gap between those on the “inside” and those on the “outside”. Africa is a continent filled with innovations, and yet the move to digital brings with it the possibility of the widening of the digital divides.

The project developed at the DIVERSE conference in Dublin 2011, where Steve Hull and Ingrid Bruynse met to discuss the possibilities for media to assist with access, and the project that developed, has been adopted by the DIVERSE community, and will be hosted as a web space under the DIVERSE community.

The team was invited to attend, and Ingrid will be representing this project at the Media & Learning conference in Brussels 14-15 November 2011, as part of the panel on teacher education.

We will keep adding information on the project.

Ingrid Bruynse
South Africa


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